No one can run for and win an election alone!

It takes people coming together for a common purpose to win elections. Republican candidates running for public office need your help. I’m sure you are inundated with pleas for help, as am I. Now, I’m asking for your assistance as well. First, before I do, I want to emphasize a couple of points: “All politics is local” is a phrase often attributed to former House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill. There is a lot of truth in that statement. That’s why I’m curious about being inundated nearly daily from Congressional candidates throughout the country asking for my support and money. I believe the most effective use of whatever support you can provide begins at the local level. Please support me and our other Third Congressional District candidates before sending funds off to candidates in other states. We need your help here in Minnesota – Jason Lewis, Kendall Qualls, Greg Pulles, myself, will be most great grateful for any and all support you can give.

How can you help?

Vote – It all comes down to Republican turnout on November 3rd – Election Day! Republicans turnout, Minnesota Wins!

Contributions – It just can’t be denied. Democrats outspent Republicans by at least two to one in nearly every race during the 2018 General Election and there's every indication they will do it again. The 2018 result: Democrats retained a U.S. Senate Seat, captured two Twin Cities suburban Congressional Seats, and retained control of the Minnesota House of Representatives. We need your financial support to compete with the Democratic-aligned PACs that are loaded with funds taken from union workers, even if union workers may not agree (many don't) with the radical policies that their union leaders are supporting.

Join a Campaign Committee – Help candidates get elected. As I mentioned earlier, no candidate can win an election alone. Be a part of winning teams!

Post on Social Media – Express support for our candidates on social media platforms. If you see something offensive being posted on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram set the record straight. Do it politely and firmly.

Letters to the Editor – Don’t be shy. Weigh in on the issues in local newspapers. Tell others what you think about how the state is being managed/mismanaged.

Lawn signs – Show support for candidates. Do you typically display signs? If so, let us know and we’ll get you signs.

Doorknocking/Calling – Right now I imagine we won’t be doing much doorknocking throughout the summer months; however, as we get closer to Election Day, November 3rd, the Governor may lift his “Stay-at-Home” orders by then and we’ll be able to meet with and visit our neighbors. Regarding phone calls, it is my opinion that too many phone calls are made during the final months leading up to elections that they turn voters off. A very small number of voters actually answer their phones these days and those who do often complain about all of the calls they have received, sometimes more than a dozen calls a day. What I would ask is that when you are speaking with friends and neighbors, and in the event politics comes up, that you are prepared to acknowledge support for our candidates at all levels.

Parades – Showing a presence in local parades is always beneficial to enhance name recognition. Walk with us. You will have a great time. Events that we participate will be posted under the "Events" link on the campaign homepage.

I thank you in advance for any and all support you can offer!

Most Respectfully,

Perry Nouis

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